Johnny Dabb E-Nail Kit


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With the E-Nail, no open flame is required for dabbing. Always reach the perfect temperature for dabbing.


E-nail set with time / temperature selection
Individual glass banger with 4 cut sizes
Exact temperature / time setting enables “low temp dabs”
Titanium coil with a length of 1.30 meters
Heating coil with cable (1.30m)
Control unit with temperature selection
Power cord (1.30m)
Bubble Carb Cap
operation manual

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A Johnny Dabb E-Nail is an electronic device that you can simply attach to your Dab Rig to make dabbing even easier and more efficient. It can be heated to your desired temperature and vaporize your dabs without any hassle. It’s great for dabbing Rosin extracts but can also be used for all other kinds of dabs.


If you’re a fan of dabbing, then an E-Nail is one of the most useful accessories you can have. While dabbing usually involves heating your Dab Nail with a blow torch and timing it so you can apply your dab at the right time, you can simplify the entire process by using an E-Nail, a type of electronic nail that you can attach to your Dab Rig.

When you use an E-Nail, you don’t have to use a blow torch or wait for the right time to apply your dabs. Instead of heating your nail the old-fashioned way, you can simply apply your E-Nail to your Dab Rig, set the temperature you want using the attached device, and start enjoying your dabs quickly and easily.

There are E-Nails available for all types of Dab Rigs and setting them up is easy enough for anyone. Not only does it save you a lot of hassle, but it also ensures that you get a consistent high-quality dabbing experience. Although E-Nails can be expensive, they’re worth the investment for users who are serious about dabbing.

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